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Boston | Nantucket

Fairfield County, CT

+ Charleson, SC


The Producer of Moments

Elle Jarvis | Raised on the south shore of Massachusetts and heavily steeped in the restaurant industry of Boston + Nantucket, Elle has a keen eye for detail and is inspired by the natural beauty of this land.  In between scooping ice cream as a high school summer job on the beach and being a part of the Straight Wharf Restaurant family on Nantucket as an adult, Elle spent several years working alongside Chef Barbara Lynch in Boston, MA on special projects, philanthropy + ran the intimate cookbook store & demonstration kitchen, Stir in the South End. Elle has collaborated on events + projects such as Chefs for Obama + The Blizzard Bash (which ended up being just a really rad party during a blizzard and is now Toques & Tonic), with the big brains behind Siena Farms to open Boston's first micro farm store, led bicycle tours in Italy, taught inner city youth to grow and then cook their own food, and produced an endless amount of magical dinner parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding celebrations, bridal showers for friends and family and then clients who have become friends and family.  Elle has a passion paralleled to none other for honest food, wine, cocktails + hospitality.  But as a far as passions go, her first will always be, people. 



Milestone Events

showers, sprinkles, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings, family reunions.  all of life’s major moments that lead to magical memories. 

Restaurant & Venue Consultation

most spaces within restaurants and venues such as distilleries, farms & hotels can be transformed into profitable event spaces.  however, most establishments don’t have the brain space or enough hours in the day to correspond with clients and other event planners due to the intensity of the industry.  sideboard small batch events can help organize your event strategy to host parties that maintain the integrity of your brand. 

Private Chef

dinner parties that start with negronis + antipasti and end with sweet treats + sherry for 14 or cocktail parties for 100.  all prepared with seasonally driven ingredients interactively in your home. 

Fundraising & Philanthropy

unique + inventive fundraising events both small and large focusing on giving a fresh look to traditional fundraising techniques with fun + spirited parties.    

Cooking Classes

a great alternative to book club!  cooking classes are not only a great way to connect with others over the universal language of food but also lend well to team building, bachelorette parties + family retreats. 

Hospitality Consultation + Experiential Brand Management

send an inquiry of more details.


P R O J E C T S 

Drop Elle a Line!  Now Accepting Inquiries for Nantucket, Boston + Charleston, SC | 617-259-0577

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